“My bookkeeper has disappeared on me, and I don’t know what to do!”

“Wow, what a mess I am in,” exclaimed Jake (not the client’s real name), “I don’t know if you can help me. I had no news from my bookkeeper for weeks, and she just told me she does not want to do the bookkeeping anymore!” 

“YES, we can help” I said to Jake, and our team took over their bookkeeping including payroll, payable, and bank reconciliation. 

The bookkeeper was unreachable, the books were in a mess, and Jake had questions and deadlines.  We independently gathered information and assembled the books. 

We presented the financial statements that were clean and reconciled.  Jake was now able to see the company’s true financial position and got the answers to his questions. 

About Reconcile: We are prepared to take on your bookkeeping challenges! We ensure that your financial position is reconciled, the government accounts are in order, and most importantly: You know where your money is, and with our help, we can assist you in deciding how to move forward! Schedule a call with us to learn more.  Experience what competence and care can do for your business.

Or do you simply want to know how well your accounting records are kept and how compliant you are with CRA? We offer a high level “financial health check” at no cost to you. Schedule a call with us to get started! 

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