Bookkeeping – a necessary evil with no real value to you?

If you’ve run your business for over a year, you likely have found out that you need some bookkeeping to be able to keep the CRA at bay. But beyond that, is there truly no value to get our of the dollars and time you spend on your bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is like your car: it is a means to an end, it can help you get to where you need to go. If you know where you are going, financial data that purposeful bookkeeping can generate will help you get there.

Here are some values you can get from strategic and trusted bookkeeping:

  • Make sure your income and expenses are accounted for properly, so you know how your hard earned money is spent
  • Get insights from your financials – and plan accordingly:
    • What type of customers bring you the most profit?
    • What is an ideal margin for your business?
    • Do you meet your ideal margin?
    • If you run projects, do you meet your budgets?
    • Plan your cash flow

About Reconcile: We ensure that your financial position is reconciled, the government accounts are in order, and most importantly: You know where your money is, and with our help, we can assist you in deciding how to move forward! Schedule a call with us to learn more. 

Or do you simply want to know how well your accounting records are kept and how compliant you are with CRA? We offer a high level “financial health check” at no cost to you. Schedule a call with us to get started! 

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