“Without you guys involved on cleaning up the books, I would not have bought this company that I now run.”

This ambitious individual, Stan (not the client’s real name), had a keen understanding: he was looking at a tremendously profitable and esteemed business within a specialized commercial industry characterized by high barriers to entry. The business had substantial growth potential and was on sale for a reasonable price due to the owner’s retirement plans. 

The prospect appeared to be the opportunity of a lifetime for him. However, the financial data presented by the current owner seemed inadequately prepared, causing Stan to question the reliability of the figures he encountered. 

We were granted the opportunity to scrutinize the financials as part of the sales negotiation process. Through our “financial health check,” we promptly identified numerous inaccurately recorded data points that could significantly influence the company’s valuation. It wasn’t long before an agreement was reached. Both Stan and the previous owner expressed satisfaction with the precise valuation they managed to agree upon, which was informed by the extensive work we conducted. 

Stan conveyed that, without the comprehensive financial overhaul we undertook, he wouldn’t have proceeded with the company purchase. The due diligence we performed provided him with a sense of assurance and effectively minimized the risks associated with the endeavor. 

About Reconcile: We offer a high level “financial health check” at no cost to you. We ensure that your financial position is reconciled, the government accounts are in order, and most importantly: You know where your money is, and with our help, we can assist you in deciding how to move forward! Schedule a call with us to get started!  Experience what competence and care can do for your business.

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